Reach Gospel Radio | Outreach
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Reach Gospel Radio is more than just amazing gospel music and inspiration 24/7, it’s gospel radio that literally takes God’s love to the streets and surrounding communities. The following two videos will show you the outreach heart of this broadcast ministry. One video features outreach ministry efforts while at the same time having conversations with some of your favorite gospel artists. Reach Gospel Radio Founder, Pastor Steve Hare sat down with these artists and was so blessed to hear their heart for using the power of gospel music to reach this generation. The other video is titled, “The Day Of The Cross” which shows the amazing things that can happen when gospel radio shows up on the streets with crosses, street teams, and witnesses the powerful outcomes that take place through Reach Gospel Radio’s, “Day The Cross” initiative. We hope that you are encouraged as you view these videos.


Pastor Hare recently trained and ministered to hundreds of people representing various churches and ministries along with his friends Jekalyn and Alan Carr at the Outreach Revolution Conference. Be on the look out for more info for the next Outreach Revolution Conference.

Help us reach more people and spread the message!